• Added system for multiple character portraits
  • Added new NPC characters
  • Changed level 2 dialogue
  • Added dialogue to level 3!
  • Changed level completion to collecting a hidden amount of scrap
  • Added atmosphere colour variations
  • Changed sun and star opacity depending on level time
  • Changed background asset colours to work better with changing atmospheres
  • Changed level 1 dialogue to represent time

Added some visual tweaks that I've been wanting to implement for a while now. Had to make a number of changes for it to work nicely as high noon and midnight washed the scenes out too much originally.

I've also changed how level 3 is completed. Originally the scrap goal was available to the player but I found this limited player exploration so it is now a hidden variable that will only trigger when you have enough scrap. Minor change that I think it makes the level feel allot better.


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Jul 23, 2019

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